The Water in our private label bottled water comes from a natural source in British Columbia Canada. It is micro-filtered, passed through UV light and ozone is added to ensure purity and freshness.

The Bottle is an elegant 414mL (14oz.) single-serve offering with a plain silver cap. The clear glass bottle allows for a label of any color.

The Label can be almost any shape, size and material. Your design team and our art department work together to create a distinctive label that emphasizes the quality and excellence of your primary product or service.

Our Private Label Bottled Water is suitable for: Restaurants, Bistros, Cafes, Bars, Lounges, Night Clubs, Corporate Offices or Events, Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Golf Courses, Conference Centers, Bed and Breakfasts, Cruiselines...

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The water utilized for our custom and private label glass bottled water is from the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.  The water is treated using micro-filtering, UV light and ozone.  As the ozone breaks down, it reverts to oxygen, thus giving our water in the private label glass bottle a very light and fresh taste.  As this is not a "heavy tasting" water, it will not alter the taste of food, thus being a great product for all high-end food service venues.

Glas Water has chosen a very modern classic looking bottle for the private label bottled water, as it has very clean lines and is an excellent design to showcase each unique private label.  By opting to go with clear glass and a plain silver cap, the glass bottle and cap combination will not hinder the use of any color scheme used in the creation of our client's private label glass bottled water.

Glas Water does not restrict our client's to using set shapes and sizes for creating their unique label for their private label bottled water.  The only restriction imposed on private label creation is staying within the flat panel area of the glass bottle.  As Glas Water utilizes the very best technology for applying each private label, we are able to accept requests for completely custom dies, instead of dictating to our clients what pallet they need to use for their label.  This ensures that every custom label is unique and therefore allows our client to end up with a true private label glass bottled water.