Improve Your Skin Simply by Drinking Water

Did you know that something as simple as drinking water can have such a profound effect on your skin?  Many people continue to spend thousands of dollars per year on high priced creams and lotions in order to improve their skin when water, which is virtually free can help one achieve beautiful, healthy looking skin with ease.  Here are just a few ways how to improve your skin simply by drinking water each day.

Fight Dry Skin
One of the basic skin problems that many people face each day is dry skin.  Dry skin can be the effect of both internal (your body) and external forces (your environment).  Whether you work in a dry office or live in an area that is extremely hot and humid, simply drinking an adequate amount of water can remarkably benefit your skin.  Most health professionals advise adults to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day (8 – 8 ounce glasses of water).  If you are more active or exposed to environmental factors that drain more water from your body, you should drink more.

By drinking an adequate amount of water each day, your body will be able to provide your skin with enough water not only to hydrate it, but to bring important nutrients to it so that it looks beautiful and healthy. 

Shine and Elasticity
Two important benefits to your skin that are immediately noticeable when drinking adequate amounts of water is that beautiful natural shine and elasticity one achieves.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars are special solutions that include chemicals (some potentially harmful) to achieve that beautiful shine.  Simply drinking adequate amounts of water will help your skin shine and appear youthful.

Reduce Acne
Another benefit of adequate water consumption is the reduction of acne.  Believe it or not drinking water can assist in the reduction of breakouts and helping your body clear up your skin.

Water is a necessary and integral part of your body; in fact, water makes up about 70% of your total body weight.  By simply drinking enough water each day, your body can easily function properly.  Water is essential to removing toxins out of your body, specifically by assisting your organs such as the kidneys and liver.  When we don’t drink enough water, our body becomes dehydrated and our bodily functions are less than optimal.  For those that suffer from acne, a dehydrated body can result in breakouts due to the fact that it is unable to remove toxins or fight bacteria adequately.  A well hydrated body is usually optimally able to detoxify the body- ultimately reducing acne breakouts.

Water is an amazing substance that is essential to life and a healthy body.  For those looking to have beautiful, healthy, natural looking skin, drinking adequate amount of water each and everyday will give your skin a beautiful shine, elasticity and help reduce the number of acne breakouts.

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