Glas Oxygenated Water is not only a great company to work with to create your own line of private label bottled water, but also has created specialty waters that can help differentiate your brand and help you increase profits.  One of the fine specialty waters that offers to its customers is ASO™.  ASO™ stands for Activated Stabilized Oxygen and it is one the best way to keep oxygen fortified water stable for up to 2 years- guaranteed.

It should be noted that unlike ASO™, other oxygen water beverages can’t compete, because other forms of oxygenated water are just not that stable.  In fact, some brands can lose practically all of their oxygen in a course of a few weeks.  What makes ASO™ different is the special process which creates an Oxygen stable molecule (O4).  ASO™ uses only three ingredients in its water including distilled water, sea salt and liquid oxygen, while the process is a trade secret, ASO™ is not only safe, but perhaps the most stable oxygenated drink on the market today.

While ASO™ is an incredibly stable oxygenated water product, even normal wear and tear doesn’t decrease its stability.  For instance, chilling the water or heating up the water will not make ASO™ unstable, only by drinking it, will the liquid oxygen be extracted by the stomach lining through digestion.

Benefits of Oxygenated Water
While plain drinking water is beneficial alone, drinking oxygenated water such as Glas Water ASO™ offers additional health benefits.  Oxygenated water includes two substances that are vital to health; water and oxygen.   Water is used for many bodily processes such as digestion, circulation and chemical reactions; oxygen is also vital and important as one of our body’s main energy sources.  For instance, oxygen is required for aerobic respiration (releasing energy from food sources).  Replenishing your body with two vital sources of energy is one way in which oxygenated water drinks are far superior to plain drinking water or even sports drinks.

Athletes have been switching from sports drinks for some time now since digesting sugars and other chemical substances within sports drinks requires oxygen.  This oxygen is taken from the digestive tract to enable this process.  This means that for highly active individuals sports drinks could have a negative affect on your oxygen supply.  Oxygenated water counters this affect in two ways.  First off, there is no sugar or other substances that require extra oxygen to break down in your digestive tract, secondly, instead of reducing much need oxygen, as in the case of sports drinks, oxygenated water actually provides you with more oxygen- increasing your body’s potential energy.

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